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10 Really Unique Silent Auction Package Ideas

Posted by Ashley Shaw on 4/20/17 3:12 PM


Why would you bid a lot of money on a trip that you could book on your own for a lot cheaper? (Other than to help out a good cause?)

Probably, you wouldn't.

Well, that is the same with the packages at your silent auctions. You aren't going to be able to make as much on a trip to the local beach as you are on a good deal to some exotic locale.

Similarly, you aren't going to make as much with a dinner at the restaurant next door as you would with an offer to have a famous chef come to your house and cook for you.

That is why I have created this list of 10 unique silent auction package ideas that are going to bring in a lot more money than the same old same old.

Now, many of these take money, so make sure you keep your donors (and what they can afford) in mind when you add anything like these to your auction.

10 Unique Silent Auction Package Ideas

So here they are, the ten packages you know will really bring in the funds at your next fundraising auction.

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1. Tickets to Award Shows

Emmys 1.jpg

Who would like the chance to say that they went to the Grammys or the Emmys or the Espys or the Oscars or the...

Ok. You get the point.

And the answer is everyone!

(Alright. My dad would hate it. And I guess he's probably not the only one. But still, a lot of people would love the chance!)

You get to dress up, get an awesome swag bag, and rub elbows with celebrities. What isn't there to love?

That's why these packages do so well.

2. A Celebrity Chef

I already mentioned this above, but imagine if you could have the Iron Chef come over to your house and cook for you?

Pretty amazing, right?

Well, there are auction packages for that.

3. A Backstage or Celebrity Tour

Going to a show is always nice, but if you get to go out afterwards and get an exclusive backstage tour or celebrity meet and greet, suddenly the already exciting becomes the extraordinary.

Or, you can try to get exclusive tours or backstage passes to other famous attractions (Disney, a celeb's house or garage, a famous restaurant.)

If it isn't easy for someone to get on their own (and it is something they actually want), it should do well.

4. A Trip to Cuba

Cuba 13.jpg

Because up until recently Cuba has been pretty much off limits, it's kind of like the great unknown to all of us here in the states.

But now it is possible to offer up a trip there - and, not for nothing, because it is so new, it hasn't been "tourist-ized" yet.

Plus, many people don't realize just how easy it is to go there, which makes it feel exotic.

And, to be upfront, I should say I actually just got back from a Cuban trip (not as part of an auction package).

(In fact, the main pic and the collage are all real pictures from my vaca. Taken by Richard Molina - who, as you see, is a really talented photographer. So thanks, Richard, for taking such awesome pics while we were in Cuba, and then letting me use them.) 

Because I went, I can tell you a few important things about Cuba:

  • You still need a reason to go. But if you get a tour guide (maybe make this part of your package), it counts as educational, which counts as a legit reason to go.
  • It is super easy to travel there. (I went for a weekend.)
  • It is incredibly beautiful.
  • The people are very nice.

It's a trip I'd recommend to anyone - and the guests at your auction would love it. I can pretty much promise you that.

5. Anything Death-Defying

There are a ton of super exciting, death-defying activities out there that your more adventurous guests would love, but maybe wouldn't think of it on their own.

So here are some ideas:

  • A fighter jet experience
  • Skydiving
  • Shark diving
  • Safaris
  • Spelunking (cave exploration)
  • Bobsledding
  • Rappelling
  • Bungee jumping

6. Upgraded Vacation Packages

If you are going to auction off a vacation, make it as compelling as possible. Think about upgrading airline tickets and hotel accommodations, adding in spa packages and activities, and whatever else will make it nicer for potential bidders.

7. Hard to Get Tickets


Hamilton tickets, anyone?

Sometimes things are so exclusive and so hard to get that people would be willing to pay a lot more for them - especially if they can simultaneously help a cause they already support.

Plus, some of these exclusive tickets are reserved just for purposes such as yours. So think about the hardest tickets in town, and then do your best to get some for your event.

8. Exclusive Memberships

You know that super exclusive country club that you can only get in with a sponsor? Or that organization that only lets the most knowledgable connoisseurs into its midst?

Well, now imagine how much someone would be willing to pay for that exclusive membership.

9. A Celebrity Consultant

Outside of having someone cook for you, celebrities have a lot of services that your donors might want.

  • Get a celebrity fashion consultant to sit with a winner for an hour to teach them the best clothes for their body type and coloring.
  • Or a celebrity makeup artist who can do a lesson on makeup.
  • Famous life coach who can advise the winner.

Think outside of the box on this one.

10. Championship Tickets

super bowl.jpg

I'm putting championship tickets in its own category, but imagine how much you could get for tickets to events like

  • The Super Bowl,
  • World Series,
  • NCAA Championship Games,
  • Kentucky Derby, or
  • Indy 500.

The Usual Wrap-Up

Have any more? Let me know in the comments or on social media.

And for more affordable ideas, check out the post I did with 150 silent auction package ideas.

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