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April Showers Brings My Curated Fundraising List

Posted by Ashley Shaw on 4/25/17 5:00 AM


It's that time again: the time of month where I give you another curated list filled with great insight into the world of fundraising, all from the points of view of some of the thought leaders in the nonprofit industry!

So this month, I came up with four April concepts, and found some great posts for you for each of them.

Refund Season! (Or Cultivating Donors)

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Tax season is over! And with it, hopefully we all got big refunds!!! And because we are going to pretend that everyone now has tons of money to spare, it's as good a time as any to bring up some tips on cultivating and keeping donors of all sizes.

That's why these posts give you all the insights into donors you can want.

Prospecting for Major Gifts? Top 6 Indicators of a Great Prospect (Gail Perry)

4 Simple Steps Toward Retention, Loyalty, and Better Donor Experience (101Fundraising)

30 Ways to Not Leave Your Donor (The Nonprofit Times)

Using Nonprofit Data to Find Your Next Major Donor (npENGAGE)

How Emotional Experiences Can Drive Donor Loyalty (Future Fundraising)

For some added info on this subject, here are some GiveSmart posts on donors:

How to Turn Bidders Into Donors

Know Your Donors: Studies Say Who Donates the Most [Infographic]

Where Are Donors Donating? [Infographic]

How to Create and Use Donor Personas

Donors Guide to Tax Breaks

April Showers...Chase the Blues Away

April Showers.jpg

Everybody knows that April brings showers, but we also know that these showers are worth it because of the awesome May flowers that it brings.

If your fundraising is filled with showers right now, then these posts will help cheer you up. They are all about turning the blues around (for you and your donors) and solving some problems that you may be facing at your nonprofit - so that when May comes, you can enjoy those beautiful flowers.

Need a Good Day? Focus on Your Little Wins (Kivi's Nonprofit Communication Blog)

How to Make Donors Feel So Awesome They Can't Help But Give More to Your Nonprofit (John Haydon)

7 Questions to Move Your Nonprofit to Financial Sustainability (Social Velocity)

Volunteer Time Value Pegged at $193 Billion (The NonProfit Times)

Increase Fundraising Results by Making Your Donor FEEL Like a Hero (John Haydon)

National Poetry Month...Or the Art of Fundraising Communication

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April is National Poetry Month...though I'm sure I don't have to tell you that. You probably have it marked on your calendars already.

Poetry is an art form just like telling your fundraising story. And both of them take a little bit of practice. That's why these articles walk you through the art of fundraising communication.

Why Informing Donors Is Not Fundraising (Future Fundraising)

What Every Non-Profit Fundraiser Should Know About Writing (The Storytelling Nonprofit)

Nonprofits Figure Big Among Pulitzer Prize Winners (and Subjects) (Nonprofit Quarterly)

The Five R's of Supporter-Focused Fundraising Communications - Any Questions? (101Fundraising)

Why Your Fundraising Copy Isn't Fundraising (The Storytelling Nonprofit)

Baseball Is Back (And It Teaches You a Lot About Teamwork)

April baseball fundraising.jpg

Baseball is my favorite sport. And if it has taught me anything, it is that one superstar is not enough to win World Series. It takes a whole team.

Fundraising is just the same: you can do a lot by yourself, but if you want your nonprofit to really shine, then you need to have a whole team at work. (Though look out for the article I listed about not waiting for everyone to agree...because while working with others is great, someone has to call the ball every now and then, or you'll make a lot of silly errors.)

Why Nonprofits Need Both Leaders and Managers (Social Velocity)

Stop Driving Your Board Chair Nuts! (Joan Garry)

Waiting for Consensus and Certainty Will Kill Your #NPCOMM Plan (Nonprofit Marketing Guide)

The Best Way to Sabotage Your New Executive Director (Joan Garry)

How to Make Your Fundraising Team a Success (Wild Woman Fundraising)

And on another note, if you are into the sporting section of this post - or if your organization is sports-related, make sure to check out our new e-book, "25 Sports-Themed Fundraising Ideas."

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The Wrap-Up

That's it for this month, guys. So what about you?

What have you read in the fundraising realm this month?

Let me know in the comments below or on social media.

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