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Ashley Shaw

I'm Ashley. I do the marketing here at GiveSmart. And my personal charities of choice help kids, improve literacy, and promote prison reform.
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Two statistically proven reasons that people give are because they see a need and because they can see how they can help meet that need. But in

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Technology is taking over everything, and the fundraising industry is no exception. So, you've been seeing more and more talk about different

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Every donation matters. But still, wouldn't you grow your average donation size if you could? This post gets us started on doing just that.

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Tips on Overcoming Fundraising Fatigue

As a writer, I sometimes go through this period commonly known as writer's block. It's part of the trade - that's why it gets its own name.

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Are you planning your silent auction? If so, then you are probably aware that there is a lot you need to do in order to make your event

5 Scary Things That Could Happen at Your Fundraiser

It's that time of year again...where frights come out to haunt your every moment. Last year, I talked about the tricks or treats that you can use

5 Reasons People Donate [An Infographic]

You depend in large part on donations. But how do you get potential or former donors to give to your cause? I believe that, in order to figure out

GiveSmart in September: A Look at What We've Been Doing

It's that time again: time to see what we here at GiveSmart Headquarters has been up to since the last time we gave you an update. It's been

September's Curated Fundraising List

September has been a crazy month, and it has included a lot of great reading. I feel like I have learned a lot about fundraising this month, and I

11 Ways to Determine What Type of Fundraiser to Have

A while ago, I talked about different types of fundraisers you could throw. But how do you decide which of those many different options is right

School Fundraising in August's Curated List

It's August! Well, for like a few more hours anyway. And that means school and that means school fundraisers and that means I've been reading a