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Ashley Shaw

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Online Auctions: Are They Really Worth Your Time?

There was an episode of Will and Grace about online auctions. In case you don’t remember it, here is a recap:

Silent Auction Ideas Part 2: Tips on Running a Silent Auction

Last Thursday, I brainstormed some silent auction ideas to come up with 150 different items you could potentially have at your auction. Today, as

Silent Auction Ideas Part 1: 150 Items You Could Have

A lot of our customers are planning amazing auctions, and they want some good silent auction ideas to help them make their event all that it can

How to Create and Use Donor Personas

In marketing, you are always being reminded to create a buyer persona to figure out who your ultimate customer is. In the nonprofit world, you may

8 Goals You Should Be Setting Before Your Charity Event

Welcome to 2017! (I know I say that as if I have been here for a while waiting for you, but since I am on the East Coast, if you were located in

Know Your Donors: Studies Say Who Donates the Most [Infographic]

So, you plan this big charity event, and you plan everything down to the last detail.

It comes to the night of your event, and you are ecstatic:

Why Charity Fundraisers in Los Angeles Should Use Mobile Bidding

In the city where the stars and Pacific Ocean meet, charity fundraisers are how many Los Angeles non-profit organizations stay in operation. Many

How to Run a Successful Silent Auction

Silent auctions have more power than many might think. Non-profit organizations looking to raise funds for important causes use silent auctions as

How Mobile Bidding Changes Guest Registration at Charity Auctions

First impressions are everything - especially at a fundraising event where your guests are poised and willing to spend towards your fundraising

How Mobile Bidding Will Transform Your Next Nonprofit Fundraiser

Gone are the days where pen and paper rule the auction world. In the 21st century, mobile bidding has quickly taken the lead as the go-to bidding

Donors Guide To Tax Breaks

The feeling of giving back to your community is a rewarding opportunity that many people don’t think twice about. The primary motivation to donate

Ways to Maximize Donations For Your Non-Profit

The ultimate goal for any non-profit is to raise money for a cause with awareness and cause-focused events that heighten awareness and attracts