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Bidding At Your Fingertips

Posted by Ashley Shaw on 4/9/15 2:16 PM


We do everything by phone these days from emails to watching videos, and even buying food, so why not use your phone for investing in something worthwhile?

What is Mobile bidding?

It’s just another way to manage bidding at your next fundraising auction. Make it easy for your guests, and make it easy for yourself. Gone are the days of keeping up with a receipt book, auction tickets, and hassle of “checking out” your guests in order for them to leave the auction.

It’s now all about simplicity; it’s all about mobile bidding!


Mobile bidding is as simple as one, two, three!

  1. Check-in - Allow your guests to do it from the event or from home to make sure they’re ready when your items are up for bid.
  2. Bid on items - Real-time results allow your guests to be in the mix of the auction. They’ll even get alerts to when an item is up for bid and even when they’ve been outbid.
  3. Check-out and pay - Event support teams make sure all payments are secure when checking out. Guests also get an electronic copy of your receipt showing their purchase.



Adding technology into the mix can make any event easier and overall more successful. Your guests can focus on what the auction has to offer rather than spending time filling out papers, writing checks or dealing with long lines at check out.

  • Super fast check-in & Check-out – Take the long lines out of the equation with electronic registration. Your guests can check-in as well as pay for their winning items with just a few taps of their phone.
  • Raise more money – Auctions using mobile bidding technology typically generate more revenue for your organization or the event itself. Non-profit organizations have reported an increase of up to 30 percent after providing mobile bidding at their events.
  • Increase the number of bids – Providing another means of bidding allows your guests an easier way to bid when their items is front and center. An alert system will notify bidders when someone has outbid them, generating more activity.
  • Bid from anywhere – Not able to make it to an event? Don’t worry, you can still bid from home or your car. Mobile bidding gives you access to the auction wherever you are, allowing you to still interact like you were present at the event.
  • Interactive Leaderboards for Your Fundraising Event | GiveSmartInteractive Leaderboards – Through a little competition into the mix and allow your guests to see which items are up for bid, what the highest bid is and who the highest bidder is. Integrate social media activity, send messages to your guests and showcase your live auction items, all in real time. No one will ever be behind on the hot ticket items!
  • Provide a unique experience – Adding mobile bidding into any auction creates a fun and interesting way to participate for guests. Many will simply have fun hovering around their smartphones anxious to see if they’ve won or been outbid.
  • Save time organizing – GiveSmart, a leader in organizing tech savvy auctions, can give you more time to focus on your guests. Mobile bidding is fully serviced by an event support team from planning and pre-registration, guest check-ins and paying for bid items.


  • Instant-Buy items
  • Sealed or Blind Bidding
  • Custom Item Sheets
  • Extended Bidding
  • Pre-set Event Themes
  • Secure Payments
  • Item Brochures
  • No App Required
  • Ticket Sales
  • Post Event Reports

We all want to succeed at whatever we do, and in today’s high-tech world you need an innovative way of making success happen. With mobile bidding, you can be in control of your success each bid at a time.


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