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Creating a Successful Charity Event Website

Posted by Ashley Shaw on 5/27/15 2:33 PM


A successful charity relies on a number of factors in order to benefit the community and bring credibility to an organization's name. While many of those benefits happen in a brick and mortar setting, the one major opportunity many charities overlook is their online presence.

Although many charity supporters have grown up writing checks and passing along cash to support a cause, the number of supporters choosing the internet as a means of donating is increasing. Internet fundraising grew by roughly 25 percent over the last three years and is quickly becoming the predominant method of fundraising.

It’s important for organizations to know how to create a charity website in order to prepare for the growing demand that’s expected over the next decade.

How to Get Started

As your charity auction begins to take shape, GiveSmart will tackle the digital side of your event, customizing your branded website to reflect your event and its goals to boost awareness of well ahead of time.

We don’t just give you amazing technology, we give you amazing experiences that allow your guests to walk away satisfied.

Benefits of a Charity Event Website

GiveSmart’s professional developers pack your event website full of benefits so you’re left with nothing but success at the end of your event online and in-person.

Centralize all of your fundraising activity. Just like any other subject in today’s digital environment, the go-to place for information related to any charity or non-profit is the internet. Help your guests get all of the information they need related to your event in one place - your event website. This should include the time and location of your event, social media outlets for your nonprofit, auction items, event activities, special guests and more.

Accept donations 365 days a year. Raising money for your charity means doing whatever it takes to maximize donations. With GiveSmart’s innovative websites, your supporters can donate whenever and wherever they want with a simple click of the mouse. Even before your event begins or after it ends, guests will have a secure destination to donate money no matter the time of the year.

Sell more tickets. As your event approaches, you have the chance to sell more tickets and make your event an even bigger success. Creating an event website allows supporters a place to buy tickets without having to show up in person or risk paying over the phone.

Accept secure payments. Gone are the days where cash and check rule the charity and non-profit realm. Guests want simplicity and security when donating their hard-earned money. With GiveSmart’s innovative technology, security isn’t left to chance. Guests information is secured the moment they enter it onto your website. They can rest assured their information is safe in GiveSmarts hands.

See all fundraising activity. Keep your charity updated on ticket sales or fundraising donations to ensure goals are met. GiveSmart provides detailed data reports on who’s coming onto your website, who’s donating, who’s registering and how much money your raising.

Unify your brand. In order to create a supporter, a charity must gain trust and confidence. The surest way to do that is creating a fully-branded website that adheres to your charity’s image and goals. From customized designs with your charity logos, to a unique color palette that represents your charity to the fullest, it’s all available when creating your own charity event website.

Choosing the Right Partner

Success not only comes from a charity’s drive to maximize their donations but the companies they partner with to provide excellent customer service to supporters and guests.

From creative, customized websites to mobile and tablet bidding that sets events apart from the competition, GiveSmart offer charities and nonprofits the ability to succeed as far as possible. For more information on how GiveSmart can help your organization maximize donations with an event fundraising website, contact us today at 855.322.4483.


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