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How Mobile Bidding Changes Guest Registration at Charity Auctions

Posted by Ashley Shaw on 6/12/15 9:16 AM


First impressions are everything - especially at a fundraising event where your guests are poised and willing to spend towards your fundraising goals. Long registration lines can leave your guests irritated and unmotivated to donate at all, hurting your fundraising campaign.

But there’s new technology, mobile bidding, that can greatly transform how your guests arrive to your event. Here’s how mobile bidding changes guest registration at charity auctions:

Shorten the Registration Process

Showing up to an event with a long registration line that pours out of the venue doors can be frustrating but with mobile bidding, your guests can register as they arrive and are greeted by the GiveSmart pros. They’ll be assigned a bidder ID, a table number (when applicable) and confirm their bidding preferences (mobile or text) without having to stand in tedious lines.

Pre-Authorize Credit Card Payments

During the registration process, GiveSmart, the world leader in auction services, allows your guests to pre-authorize their credit cards for payment at the end of your event evening. This simple choice will cut minutes off of your guests time as they prepare to leave your event at the end of the evening.

Each preference chosen during registration will be submitted to GiveSmart’s team of professionally trained support staff to ensure payments are processed for items won based on bidder ID numbers.

Receive Alerts for VIP guests and Sponsors

This benefit helps you organize your guests as they arrive including those VIP guests and big-time sponsors. Once a VIP guests or sponsors arrive, you’ll be instantly notified wherever you’re located at your event so you can personally greet those guests.

Make a special connection with your most valuable donors and assist them to their respective tables so you can build relationships and keep them as supporters for future events.

Choosing the Right Auction Service Provider

Preparing for your event starts months in advance including how your guests register for your event on the big evening. GiveSmart assigns you a professionally-trained event planner that will help assist you on every detail of your fundraising event including how to make registration easier.

For more information on what GiveSmart can do for your organization’s success, contact us today at 855.322.4483!

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