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How Mobile Bidding Will Transform Your Next Nonprofit Fundraiser

Posted by Ashley Shaw on 6/11/15 9:35 AM


Gone are the days where pen and paper rule the auction world. In the 21st century, mobile bidding has quickly taken the lead as the go-to bidding option for most non-profit organization’s around the world.

By choosing mobile bidding, you’re increasing the worth of your fundraising event while providing a more enjoyable experience for your guest. Here’s how mobile bidding can transform your next nonprofit fundraiser:

Raise Money Before & After Your Event

One key advantage of mobile bidding that will separate your fundraising campaign apart from the rest is the ability for your guests to donate or bid year-round. Raise up to 30 percent more by making donating available before and after your event.

GiveSmart, the world leader in auction services, gives you the tools to accept bids and donations days, weeks, or even months before your fundraising event.

Bid From Anywhere

In addition to opening up bidding anytime of the year, GiveSmart gives you the option to allow your supporters to bid from anywhere. Whether your guests are dining in comfort at one of your event tables or thousands of miles away in another country, they all have full-access to your auction event.

All your guests have to do is register on an easy-to-use app that allows them to browse, bid and even check-out directly from their mobile devices. Bidding for the hottest ticket items has never been easier.

Instant Notifications

Whether your guests just placed their bids at their tables or are leaving your event early, they’ll receive instant notifications if they’ve been outbid, if their bid was the winning bid and when a new auction item is up for bid.

Your guests can simply place their bids via text messages and receive notifications just as quickly. Through mobile bidding, your guests will send the amount they want to bid and the item number to a dedicated SMS number and they’re all set.

With each text, you’ll build some friendly competition among your supporters which will ultimately help increase your fundraising success.

Pay By Phone

Once all bids have been submitted and items have been won, your guests have the option to pay directly from their mobile devices with just a few clicks. Long check-out lines and complicated payment processes leave your guests irritated and ready to leave, but with mobile bidding, they can pay for their items as soon as they win them.

Give guests the opportunity to pre-authorize their credit cards for use when they purchase their tickets online or when they register at the beginning of your event. This helps cut down on check-out time and long lines at payment kiosks.

Choosing GiveSmart to Help Make Bidding Easy

It’s no wonder why nonprofit organization’s choose GiveSmart for their fundraising events. Mobile bidding not only creates a more exciting experience for your guests, but you’re raising more money in the process. Once you go mobile, you won’t want to go back.

Call GiveSmart today at 855.322-4483 and learn more about how we can set up mobile bidding for your fundraising event!

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