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Promote What You Love: Keys to Making Your Charity Event a Success

Posted by Ashley Shaw on 4/23/15 2:45 PM


What makes any charity event successful? It may be organized well and there might be a great staff ready to help guests, but without the guest you have failure. How to promote a charity event is a key question to answer in order to ensure you’ll have success.

Increase your guest list with a few simple pointers. Take each one and adjust it to fit your organization’s needs and requirements. Adding them all together can help your event become a winner and build toward your organization’s or business’ philanthropic goals.

The Social Media Frenzy

No matter what social media site you’re on, there will always be someone watching, making it a great tool to use when promoting your charity and upcoming event. One share of a Facebook status or Twitter post can increase the chances of your information being seen and shared by others.

Share your charity event with creativity. Don’t just broadcast information; invite your friends or fans to interact with you about your event.

  • Ask open-ended questions
  • Post an interactive poll
  • Share pictures and videos
  • Add a link and refer people to click on it
  • Tag friends in your status

Be Active and Responsive

No one wants to follow a dead Twitter account or inactive Facebook Company Page. Make your supporters want to follow your page with compelling information worth their while.

  • Use countdowns for your charity events to show people a sense of urgency. When you add, “Only four days left, you don’t want to miss an incredible event for a great cause”, it pushes your audience to make a decision on going to your event sooner than later.
  • Share snapshots of progress going on with your event. If you’re auctioning off items, take a picture of an item and show your viewers what they could win. Everyone loves to get excited about possibly winning a valuable prize.

Be Personal and Authentic

Chances are if you’re putting on an event for a non-profit or charity, you have a special connection to your work. Being personal is the quickest way to promote your event by sharing with people why the event is so special to you and your colleagues.

  • Share how this charity event will impact those receiving the money. It’s hard to pass up an emotional story about how donations could help change someone’s life that’s less fortunate. Presenting this to your friends or the public will draw them in and increase their desire to participate in your charity event.
  • How does this charity event impact you and your colleague’s lives? Is there a special experience that connects you to your charity and the importance of your event? Share it with the public. Chances are many people may have the same experience or connection and will be more likely to participate in your event.

Spread the word AS A TEAM

If you really want maximum exposure, have your team of colleagues all commit to the ultimate cause. One voice is powerful but a group spreading the word is more effective. This means everyone should make social media a crucial part of their daily lives even when they’re not at work.

  • Set social media post goals so your employees know what’s expected from them on a daily basis. The more posts on your event, the better the chance of it trending on Twitter or being shared on Facebook.
  • Consider an organization campaign, which will tie all of your social media efforts together as well as other avenues for spreading the word about your charity event. Print out flyers that coordinate dates and details of your event, which also direct people to your organization’s Facebook or Twitter page.

News media is your friend

There’s no better way to spread news regarding your event like having local news outlets broadcast it on their newscasts. You will not only get valuable air time for your charity event, but many news stations will also push your website, Facebook page, or Twitter account on-air for people to get even more information.

  • Provide important information about the event and why it’s so crucial for people to attend. Many news viewers only spend a few seconds listening and if they’re not intrigued, they’ll zone out.
  • Pitching your charity event to a news outlet can possibly even earn you a story on their local newscast. News stations are always looking to fill their time slots with meaningful information that directly impacts the community, so make sure they’re aware you’re willing to do an on-camera interview to promote your event for a good cause.

Word of Mouth is Still Powerful

It’s been around since the beginning of time and it’s still just as effective as any other means of promoting events. Don’t hesitate to tell your friends and family about your event and what it means to you. They’re more likely to tell their friends who will then tell even more people. It can open up the door to new networking opportunities that could potentially set up your event for more success.

Love What You Do

It goes without saying, if you love what you do, people will see your passion and be more likely to fall in love with your cause. Your Facebook and Twitter posts will be amplified by your passion and care for your organization or event. For the public, they’ll be intrigued and want to be a part of what you love so much. It’s about passion and believing in your cause, so show them just that!

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