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Ways to Maximize Donations For Your Non-Profit

Posted by Ashley Shaw on 5/29/15 2:51 PM


The ultimate goal for any non-profit is to raise money for a cause with awareness and cause-focused events that heighten awareness and attracts donations. Giving back is a part of the organization's philosophy and when donations are consistent and plentiful, nonprofit organizations are able to help those who are in need, even more.

In 2015, most donations comes from online fundraising, a key component for many non-profit organization’s survival. It’s seen double-digit growth over the past six years and has been a proven way to engage donors and add flexibility to donating.

To maximize donations, there are a few key fundraising ideas that nonprofits should focus on. Not only will donations increase, but the coverage of an organization’s cause will expand as well.

Creating the Ideal Fundraising Campaign

A lot goes into a successful fundraising campaign, from a fundraising website to the type of marketing to help spread the word of what your organization has to offer. In order to increase donations, a non-profit must focus on areas they’re not reaching first.

It starts with an official fundraising site. Companies like GiveSmart offer nonprofit organizations a chance to creatively fundraise for their cause through unique, customized websites. This allows donors an exact spot where they can donate to your nonprofit whenever and wherever they want.

Take aim towards mobile users. In 2015, more than 75 percent of people use their mobile devices over desktop computers. What does this mean? It means if a non-profit aims their fundraising website towards providing easier access to mobile users for donations, more would be inclined to donate from their phones.

Many nonprofits and businesses in general have focused on desktop users for more than a decade but that’s quickly changing. Mobile traffic on websites almost always outweighs other forms of traffic and soon it’ll be the way to visit and donate on nonprofit sites.

Grab potential donor’s attention. Traffic on your organization’s fundraising website doesn’t always equal solid donations. It’s one of the more challenging aspects of any online business but grabbing customers attention can solve some of that. This includes “donate now” buttons, or even images that appeal to viewers’ emotions.

Create a Brand. Building a brand is tough but once built, success and more donations is almost always guaranteed. By having solid branding across an entire fundraising website that matched with the organization’s brand, it helps potential donors feel more secure about giving their money.

A branded fundraising page builds trust, confidence and increased the chance of someone visiting the fundraising page and following through by submitting a donation.

Keep it simple. Mobile viewers on the go don’t have time to read through pages and pages of details surrounding a non-profit and it’s fundraising campaign. They’re compelled by simplicity and the ease of donating over their phone or tablets, so provide that to them.

Potential donors are often scared off by complicated web pages that direct them to other pages with no real direction of the fundraising site’s purpose. Turn potential donors into lifelong donors with simple, yet informative information so the focus isn’t on the web page, but on donating.

Use giving levels. Give guests a chance to choose the amount they would like to donate to a cause. Research has shown that suggesting giving amounts leads to higher donations by more donors. Instead of donors having to type in the amount to donate, providing it for them is a more simplistic way of making donating easier for guests.

Drive donors to social media. Many donors who give money to important causes love to follow where their money actually goes. Social media is the perfect driver for keeping donors in touch with the organization and its cause.

As donors share, urge them to follow social media platforms to keep up with where their money is going. It allows them to see social proof of their hard-earned money at work, building their confidence and helping them feel comfortable with future donations.

Put security first. No matter how small or large the donation may be, donors want to feel secure knowing their money is in safe hands. Companies like GiveSmart provide a safe and secure check-out for all donors. The increased security allows donors to trust their non-profit which keeps them as loyal donors.

Be transparent. Non-profit organizations are held to a higher level of transparency because donors want to know where their money is being used and how it’s impacting the community.

This can simply be achieved with charts or end-of-the-year reviews that allow donors to see for themselves how their donations are being used. The level of trust build from this practice ensures donors stay donating.

The Right Fundraising Website Provider

There’s no doubt that fundraising websites are the leading way to grab donations from loyal donors but in order to maximize donations, nonprofit's must search deeper into technology driven fundraising techniques.

GiveSmart has the solutions to increasing donations across any platform especially through fundraising websites. For more information on how GiveSmart can help you raise more money for your cause, contact them today at 855.322.4483!

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