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Christmas in July's Curated List: Tis the Season of Giving

Posted by Ashley Shaw on 7/27/17 3:00 PM


It's that time again: no, not actually Christmas. Nope, I mean it is the time of month where I share with you all my favorite reads from this last month.

This month, I decided on a Christmas in July theme - duh! you probably figured out that from the title, right?

So here are some great articles I've been reading on getting the best gift-givers to draw your name in Secret Santa (attracting big donors), keeping yourself on your donor's nice list (proper donor communication), doing good (making sure you raise the money you need to support your mission), and the latest toys to add to your wish list (reviewing fundraising tools and programs).

Get Some Big Gifts This Giving Season

Who doesn't like getting big gifts? I mean, we appreciate every gift we gift we receive, but that trip to the Bahamas my parents got me for Christmas when I was 15 (the whole family went. They didn't send me alone, don't worry!) is one I am still talking about today - and not just in this post.

So how do you get big gifts? These articles give you some tips on getting started.

Be on Their Nice List: Talking to Donors How They Want to Be Talked To

To get donors to keep coming back to you, you need to talk to them in their playing fields. This means using the communication channels they use and getting their attention in the way they will notice. It also means showing your appreciation when they do give.

Do Good - by Raising a Lot of Money

When your fundraising is successful, you get a lot more opportunities to make the changes your organization was created to do. These articles give you tons of tips on better ways to fundraise so you have more money to do good with.

Create a Fundraising Technology Wish List

We live in a world with a lot of cool stuff - and we get more and more of it all the time. So here are some great articles for you - all on techie topics, from AI to web design, and all about making your fundraising better.

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