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Creating a Media Kit for Your Charity Event

Posted by Ashley Shaw on 5/11/17 11:33 AM


There are so many things you should be doing before your big charity event that it can sometimes feel overwhelming. And for proof, check out our Event Planning Guide for an idea of many of the things you will find on your plate.

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So with all that, it is easy to downplay the importance of creating a press or media kit for your charity event. However, maybe you should think about putting one together anyway.

What Is a Media Kit?

Let's start by defining exactly what we are talking about here. What do we mean by a media or press kit?

A media kit, as defined by Investopedia, is "a package of information assembled by a company to provide basic information about itself to reporters."

In the context of your fundraising or charity event, it is a package of information that tells reporters and media outlets about your organization, your cause, and your upcoming event. It is used as a way to get some attention to your event, and hopefully end up with some needed help for your great cause.

Why Should Your Charity Event Have One?

From a nonprofit or fundraising even standpoint, it is basically a great way to get the word about you and your event in the words that you want to be used.

Think about a few benefits in offering a press kit or media kit ahead of your event:

  • You have less questions to answer at the event (when you are busy and rushed and maybe don't have enough time to think about how you'd best like to answer the question.)
  • Speaking of time, that's its own benefit. Creating a press kit lets you figure out some common purposes or goals of your event and make sure they get expressed in your press releases and quotes.
  • It helps establishes who you are - and perhaps more importantly, why people should care.
  • It provides quotes and informative information that will help anyone trying to create a media piece about your event.

What Should Go in Your Media Kit?

So, now that we know what a media kit is and how they can help your charity event, let's talk about what should be in one.

Now, the answer to the question, "What should I put in my media kit?" is, as is the case for many questions, "it depends."

It depends on many factors, such as the specifics of your cause and your event.

Think about who your audience is and the type of media that they typically consume. What would they want or need to know?

Base what you put in your kit on these answers. However, while I cannot go into specifics about what your kit should contain, I can give you a few examples to start with.

Things in your media kit may include:

  • Background information - history about your organization, stats about the cause you are promoting, information about your past events. This is usually handled in a one-sheeter.
  • Contact information - who should the press call if they have questions? They should be able to quickly and easily find this in your kit.
  • Photos - if the kit is a pre-event kit, then you may want to include pictures of past years or pictures of your cause. If it is post-event, then you may want to include pictures of your event in action. No matter what you include pictures of, make sure they are high-res.
  • Biographies - if you have any speakers or special appearances, you may want to include a short bio on each of them.
  • Quotes - if you are hoping for an article to be written about your event, you may want to pre-send quotes that can be used in the piece.
  • Event information - if you are hoping to promote attendance or donations, then you will want to include information on when and where the event will take place, how to get tickets or make a donation, and whatever else a potential guest may need to know in order to attend.

The Wrap-Up

Have any success stories with your media kit? Have questions? Let me know all of your thoughts in the comments below or on social media.

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