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Fundraising Posts from February You'll Love

Posted by Ashley Shaw on 2/28/17 9:00 AM


February is the month of love, and that’s why this month’s roundup features all the greatest posts we could find on loving donors and strengthening your relationships with them.

Of course, if you really want to feel the love of charity, check out our own Valentine’s Day post: Online Tech and Fundraising - A Love Story. Or download our free e-book to learn how to host an amazing event that your guests are sure to love.

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20 Posts from February You’re Bound to Love

Cupid doesn’t have to just strike for romance. These articles will tug on your heartstrings, and teach you how to love and cherish your donors.

Go From “We’re Dating” to “We’re in a Relationship”: Retain Donors

It is much more beneficial to court loyal givers (retain) than it is to go pick up new ones (acquire). These articles tell you how to do just that:  

Don’t Be Afraid to Express Your Love: Donor Appreciation

After all the love they give you, the least you can do is love them back. These writers give you ideas on how to show your donor’s appreciation (all year long):

Make Love Last, Always Keep Improving: Tips and Strategies for Nonprofits

Just like sometimes you need some advice or counseling to keep your relationship strong (or to make it better than ever), it never hurts to get some help from the experts in order to keep your donation relationships strong. Here are some good reads to help:

Start a New Relationship: Nonprofit Thought Leaders, Blogs, and More You Should Be Following

Not everyone is relationship-ly completed on Valentine’s Day. If you are looking to start a new nonprofit romance, look at all these great thought leaders, blogs, podcasts, webinars, and even grad schools (which might hold your next employee) who might be available:

‘Til March Do Us Part: The Wrap-Up

It takes a lot of work to build a strong relationship, but with good intentions and help from all these articles, you should be on your way to a good start.

Did I miss any good articles? If so, let me know in the comments.

Goodbye until March, Everybody!

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