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GiveSmart and April: What a Busy Month!

Posted by Ashley Shaw on 5/4/17 11:00 AM

chess 1.jpg

It is that time again: the time for a monthly report of everything going on at GiveSmart! We've done a lot this month, and we can't wait to share it all with you. Let's jump right into it.

The Numbers

Once again, I have to be all circumspect and non-specific in this section...and for the same reasons as every other month. BUT...

Let's just say that there isn't a lot this month in the "play" category because we were all too busy handling this record-breaking month.

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A Cool Report

You may have heard about this already...because I wrote about it in more detail on Tuesday, but another thing we did here at GiveSmart last month was help sponsor a report by Adrian Sargeant, Professor of Fundraising and Director of the Hartsook Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy at the University of Plymouth.

If you've ever wanted to learn more about the psychology of fundraising and how to use that knowledge to make your fundraisers better than ever, then you want to read this free report!

Want to Work for GiveSmart?

A couple of months ago, I mentioned that we are hiring in a couple of different roles. Well, since then, we did get a new Sales Administrator, so that position is off the table.

However, we are still looking for a User Experience Designer. So if you know UI or know someone who does and you (or they) are looking for a new job at a great company, then apply today! You can be located in Atlanta or Indiana.

And we are always looking for part time Event Specialists all across the country. So if you want to make some money in your spare time WHILE getting to help a lot of great causes, then this might be the job for you!

A Day in the Life...

Like I said earlier, we have been working like crazy this past month because we got to help so many different fundraising events!

However, I do have a couple of fun updates.

First, we got our ping pong table last month, but as I reported, we did not yet have balls and paddles. That changed this month, which meant there were a lot of epic ping pong battles going on.




ping pong (Tom and CJ).jpg


Second, we are still trying to finish this chess match, which is turning out to be the longest running chess game in the history of time (or at least in the history of a group of people who aren't chess enthusiasts and aren't playing with some Grand Chess Master on the other side of the world where we both need days and days to strategize our perfect moves.)


chess 1.jpg


Who will win the pizza party? We may literally never know.

However, I have a theory:

My team is pretty clearly winning. And I think the other team knows it and is purposely slowing down the play. Because you can't lose if you never finish, and I guess that makes this strategy pretty smart.


chess 1-258408-edited.jpg


The GiveSmart Wrap-Up

So once again, another month has passed here at GiveSmart, and we are still going strong.

Have questions for us? Let me know in the comments below.

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