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The Spooky Things That Happened at GiveSmart in October

Posted by Ashley Shaw on 11/2/17 10:00 AM

Halloween-2017-1.jpgIt was October, which means it was Halloween season, and we were super busy here at GiveSmart. What were we doing? You'll find out if you read this post!

The Big Event Season

October is the start of our busiest season here at GiveSmart, and so it is probably know surprise that we've all been hard at work making sure we help our customers get great experiences (and financial numbers) at the fundraisers we are honored to get to help them with.

What may be more surprising (well, we weren't surprised because we know how great our product is! But we were really excited!) is how groundbreaking this month was for us. We had a record-breaking month.

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Fun Around the Office

Of course, we wouldn't be the company we were if we didn't take some time away from the fundraising and hard worker in order to connect as a team and have some fun.

This month, the fun came in the form of a Halloween party and our annual chili cook-off. Congratulations go out to the ghost recon chili for taking first place in the cook-off. It was spicy, but good, which is how it managed to beat out the competition.







 All of the Halloween food was great:  Halloween17Party


But look at the great Halloween costumes that everyone wore because that is where the real creativity comes in...



(For the record, the GiveSmart guy you see here with the printer (CJ, our Chief Sales and Business Development Officer) was a GiveSmart Zombie, rocking the old school GiveSmart process and reminding us all how much the company has grown over the years.)

And We're Still Hiring

Like I've mentioned over the last couple of months, we have some exciting job opportunities here at GiveSmart (though notice that one is off the list. We've filled the Event Market Manager positions and are super excited about it!)

This is a great place to work - just look at all the fun stuff we do every month. (Plus, you get to help great organizations all of the time.) So if you or anyone you know is looking for a job in one of these areas (or, for the Event Specialist position, just some extra hours while getting to help great charities), then think about applying for or sharing one of these openings:

We hope to see you (or your friend) sitting at a desk near us soon!

Some Final Thoughts

So that's what we were doing last month. How about you? We want to know all about your month, too!

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