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GiveSmart's New Office...and Other GiveSmart News

On Tuesday, Trump did an unofficial State of the Union (unofficial since he’s new and, thus, can’t “authoritatively describe the state of the nation.”) And now it’s my turn. That’s right, get ready for my unofficial State of the GiveSmart address. Where you can keep up with everything GiveSmart had going on over this last month.

The Cold Hard Numbers

Before we look at what’s new at GiveSmart, let’s take a look at our numbers from February.

GiveSmart got the opportunity to help over a 100 different nonprofit events in the month of February - which really made the month of love great for us. But even better, we are happy to say that those events went on to raise millions of dollars - and we don’t even have all the final numbers in yet.

The Picturess

Of course, not everything about GiveSmart is number-based. This month, we got a new office right by the brand new Braves Stadium - so we’ve been watching the construction from our window. Hit me up if you want status updates. I’ll let you know when the big pile of dirt turns into a field or seats or whatever it’ll eventually be.

braves stadium view at GiveSmart.jpgGiveSmart view of Braves Stadium.jpg

My Braves View.jpg

That’s not all the new office offers, though. We’ve got a no-office policy, so we all get to sit together in harmony no matter our title. We’ve also got a new projector for company-wide presentations (or for Netflixing Tommy Boy, as it was used yesterday.)

Open Office at GiveSmart 2-796432-edited.jpg

Break Room at GiveSmart.jpg

Projector at GiveSmart.jpg

Snacks at GiveSmart-173382-edited.jpg

And don’t forget our pet ladybugs, which are everywhere here! Since ladybugs are good luck, having them here is clearly a sign of great things to come.

GiveSmart Ladybug.jpg 

Want to Join?

The last thing I want to mention in this post is that we are hiring. So if everything I have said above has intrigued you, then sign up.

Now, to get to work in the cool new office with us, you’ve got to be in Atlanta (or at least be willing to move here, I guess.) But even if you aren’t here, you may be able to be part of the team.

Reception at GiveSmart.jpg

The Wrap-Up

So that’s it for this month, folks! We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know us a little bit more. And if you feel like giving us the same opportunity, then let us know about you (and your organization) in the comments!

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