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May Your Fundraising Be Successful: May's Curated List

Posted by Ashley Shaw on 5/30/17 11:48 AM


According to one of Merriam-Webster's definitions, the word may is sometimes used to "express a wish or desire, especially in prayer, imprecation, or benediction." And that is what I am doing this May - expressing a wish in benediction to all of you to meet all of your goals.

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So how may I help you get out there and start doing great things?

Well, you can give me anymore tasks you can think of in the comments below, but for now, let's start with this:

A Curated List of Posts from May to Help You Reach Your Fundraising Targets

This month, I am keeping this list short and simple. These 10 links all go to posts created by the experts to help you navigate the world of fundraising. So that when you start to wonder if you are going to reach your targets, you'll be able to look at your numbers, smile, and say, "You know what? I just may!"

  1. Are the Majority of Online Donors Liberal Female Gen Xers? (Nonprofit Tech for Good)
  2. 5 Clever Online Engagement Ideas for Nonprofits (Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog)
  3. No More Crisis Mode Fundraising (Fired Up Fundraising)
  4. 3 Simple Truths About Getting Your Nonprofit Noticed (Nonprofit Hub)
  5. Should You Talk with Your Donors About Politics? (Wild Woman Fundraising)
  6. What Gmail's New Settings Mean for Your Nonprofit Email Strategy (npENGAGE)
  7. 21st-Century Tools for 21st-Century Community Foundations (GuideStar)
  8. Understanding the Full Costs of Nonprofits: An Interview with Michael Etzel (Social Velocity)
  9. How Do You Know If Your Donor Newsletter Is Relationship Building? (The Storytelling Nonprofit)
  10. 5 Rookie Mistakes Fundraisers Sometimes Make (Future Fundraising Now)

The Usual Wrap-Up

Hopefully all of the above has you motivated like never before! But if you'd like some more help on improving your fundraising, think about reviewing what you have been doing that works - or doesn't.

To help, check out my post on 11 things to include in your review.

See you next time, guys!

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