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NEW FREE RESOURCE: 25 Sports-Themed Fundraising Ideas E-Book

Posted by Givesmart on Apr 24, 2017 11:00:00 AM

GiveSmart's newest e-book - 25 Sports-Themed Fundraising Ideas - is designed for anyone running a booster club, school program, or athletic organization of any sort. It walks the reader through several different types of fundraisers the organization can run in order to raise funds in a fun, sporty manner.

The book is divided into four types of fundraisers: sales, competitions, fun and games, and services. Some ideas are traditional fundraising methods, applied by many schools before. Others, are a lot more unique.

No matter what category it falls under or how well known it may be, though, what can be said is that all 25 ideas have worked before to raise money for some great programs and all of them are sporty, which is designed to impress all the athletes and their families that the fundraising event was held to support.

This book is designed for athletes of all levels. To that end, some of the ideas are great for the beginning levels of recreation play, while others might be more appropriate for competitive, high-level play. Still others could be used at all levels.

So if you are an organization at any level that is raising money to support an athletic program, whether it is an independent league, a solo team or player, or a program that is part of a larger institution, such as a school, then you want to download this free book.

To get "25 Sports-Themed Fundraising Ideas," head over to the landing page found here.

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