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NEW FREE RESOURCE: "Justify Nonprofit Technology" White Paper

Posted by Givesmart on Feb 28, 2017 11:00:00 AM

In GiveSmart's latest white paper, decision makers learn just how to determine whether the cost of nonprofit technology - or any other purchase, for that matter - is justifiable.

Should an organization use valuable resources to invest in a high price product for their fundraiser?

The paper helps answer this question on a case by case basis by walking readers through different methods to figure out if a price is worth it. At the end of the paper, if none of the methods have convincingly shown why a cost is worth the price, then the answer may be that it is not justified for that specific organization.

However, if it meets one or more of the criterion listed here, then it very well may be a wise investment, which could ultimately lead to more funds raised than ever before.

Not every cost is justifiable for every organization - maybe a small organization only looking to raise a small amount would be better served skipping the sometimes high costs. However, for many, sometimes increasing budgets now means increased totals later on - meaning that is easy to justify making the purchase.

How can an organization figure out which of these scenarios applies to them without wasting a lot of time and money in the process?

By downloading this free paper.

Organizations will be able to quickly consult it whenever they are making a questionable purchasing decision. So no matter if it is a yes or a no, they will be able to find an answer fast.

Download the "How to Justify the Cost of Nonprofit Technology" white paper here.

Download Our Free "Justify Tech" Paper

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