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NEW FREE RESOURCE: "Set SMART Goals for Fundraising" White Paper

Posted by Givesmart on May 30, 2017 11:00:00 AM

How to Set SMART Goals for Fundraising is GiveSmart's newest white paper. It can be downloaded for free by filling out a short form.

The white paper walks through the definition of SMART goals and why they are important. It then delves into the breakdown of the SMART acronym, looking at multiple definitions of some of the letters, to best help everyone who reads it, regardless of how they ultimately view a goal.

Once that has been established, the paper looks at how to use these SMART goals for fundraising. In this section, the paper examines four different types of general goals that many organizations set for their yearly fundraising or for a specific fundraising event. It then states how to make these goals over using the SMART methodology.

Creating SMART goals for fundraising purposes allows organizations to better track whether they are succeeding. It also lets them more easily figure out when they are off track, thus making course correction much easier.

Because of its many benefits, it is easy to see why SMART goal-setting should be a part of every aspect of goal creation for fundraisers. Yet, some fundraising goals seem too nebulous to define in such strict measures.

That is where this white paper is so helpful:

It shows readers how to track even more lofty goals in a SMART manner by figuring out metrics that surround the goal.

To see how SMART methods can transform your fundraising goals, download "How to Set SMART Goals for Fundraising" today.

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