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NEW FREE RESOURCE: The Ovarian Cancer Circle Case Study

Posted by Givesmart on Mar 24, 2017 11:00:00 AM

In GiveSmart's newest case study, readers can see how the Ovarian Cancer Circle doubled their silent auction revenue in the first year that they used GiveSmart's fundraising technology.

The Ovarian Cancer Circle, a small organization started by a mother in the memory of her young daughter, who died of ovarian cancer at the age of 20, works to raise awareness about the disease for both patients and their families.

To help facilitate this awareness and keep the organization afloat, the nonprofit hosts an annual comedy night and silent auction. In 2016, they added GiveSmart to the mix to see if they could raise more than they had in years past.

They were worried about how adding the GiveSmart technology would work because they didn't have a lot of resources to spend on their event and they are run completely by volunteers.

Despite their reservations, they gave it a try, and ended up doubling the amount they had won at their silent auction from the year before.

This new case study walks the reader through how GiveSmart worked with the Ovarian Cancer Circle to figure out the best solution for them. It also shows how GiveSmart was able to overcome the obstacles this organization had in order to make using fundraising technology a success.

To see how GiveSmart helped the Ovarian Cancer Circle, and to see if the same methods could be used towards your organization's fundraising events and auctions, download the case study on the landing page.

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