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Have you heard about the award GiveSmart won recently? What about the newest ebook we published? Missed that update that we released a while ago? Well, just follow us here, and you'll never having to worry about missing GiveSmart news again. 

NEW FREE RESOURCE: "Set SMART Goals for Fundraising" White Paper

How to Set SMART Goals for Fundraising is GiveSmart's newest white paper. It can be downloaded for free by filling out a short form.

NEW FREE RESOURCE: 25 Sports-Themed Fundraising Ideas E-Book

GiveSmart's newest e-book - 25 Sports-Themed Fundraising Ideas - is designed for anyone running a booster club, school program, or athletic

NEW FREE RESOURCE: The Ovarian Cancer Circle Case Study

In GiveSmart's newest case study, readers can see how the Ovarian Cancer Circle doubled their silent auction revenue in the first year that they

NEW FREE RESOURCE: "Justify Nonprofit Technology" White Paper

In GiveSmart's latest white paper, decision makers learn just how to determine whether the cost of nonprofit technology - or any other purchase,

NEW FREE RESOURCE: "How to Host an Amazing Charity Event" E-Book

Today, GiveSmart released a new e-book titled "How to Host an Amazing Charity Event." The book is a good beginner's guide or refresher course in

NEW FREE RESOURCE: See GiveSmart's Latest Case Study

GiveSmart released a new case study today, bringing to light the steps taken to help a rural nonprofit, who had never used fundraising technology