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How to Throw a Fundraiser on a Budget

You want to throw a fundraiser for your great cause, but you aren't sure how you can afford it. Well, I've got news for you: this post contains

10 Types of Fundraisers You Could Be Having [Infographic]

Sometimes, we just need a few ideas to get us started. We get so locked up in what we've always done that we forget some of the basics of how we

And...We Have a Winner for the GiveSmart Picture Contest!

Everybody (hopefully) knows about the contest we have been running the last two months. People sent in pictures...people sent in a lot of

What Happened in the GiveSmart Office in March

Another month has passed since my first ever monthly "state of the GiveSmart union." And a lot has happened in this time. Want to know more? Then

How to Pick a Venue for Your Charity Event

The venue you use for your charity event is important. It says a lot about you and what your event will be like. That's why you sometimes hear of

Spring, March Madness, and a Pot of Gold: Fundraising Posts from March

This month, I've been reading a lot of great posts from around the globe, all on the theme of improving your fundraising. So, of course, I wanted

5 Best Practices for Hosting an Online Auction [Infographic]

Are you having an online auction anytime soon? Then you may want to make sure that you are following some online auction best practices. 

Spring Cleaning: 6 Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas to Start Fresh

Yesterday was the first day of spring. Spring represents starting a new. It’s the beginning again. Animals come out of hiding. You can put away

March Madness: What Basketball Teaches About Fundraising Technology

It’s March. And that means it is March Madness. And as we kick off the greatest time of the NCAA basketball year, let’s figure out how we can

Volunteers at Your Charity Event, P3: Keep Them Coming Back

Hello again, everybody! It’s time to conclude our three part series on the volunteers at your charity event. Today we will be talking about

Volunteers at Your Charity Event, P2: Select, Train, Manage

On Tuesday, we talked about how to get volunteers to help at your charity event. But, as promised, that wasn’t the only volunteer-related topic

Volunteers at Your Charity Event, Part 1: How to Attract Volunteers

Did you know that over 60 million people across the country volunteered in 2015But how do you get some of those 60 million volunteers to help at