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School Fundraising in August's Curated List

Posted by Ashley Shaw on 8/31/17 9:16 AM


It's August! Well, for like a few more hours anyway. And that means school and that means school fundraisers and that means I've been reading a lot about said topics. Which is why this month's curated list is all about school fundraising!

From the GiveSmart Blog/Resource Library

GiveSmart gets to work with a lot of schools, and so we've heard from them about areas where they struggle! (Plus, we've got a lot of former/current school fundraisers working here with us who give us all kinds of insight.)

Because we see the concerns school fundraising causes, we've created a few resources to help. So though I don't usually put in our own posts in these curated lists, I am making an exception this month!

School Fundraising Issues/Solutions

These section is filled with ideas for school fundraisers as well as stories about why parents are so resistant to your fundraising efforts.

General Tips on Fundraising

These tips might not be strictly for schools, but I think schools can really benefit from them too:

Complete Hurricane Harvey-Related Side Note!

Okay. This next section doesn't have anything to do with school fundraising - but it is still super important! GiveSmart has a fundraiser going on right now dedicated to raising money to help with Hurricane Harvey.

If you would like to make a donation, just go to GiveSmart's Hurricane Harvey site. All proceeds will be split among the American Red Cross, the Houston Humane Society, and SPB (a group of volunteers that helps to rebuild communities affected by disasters such as this.)

Final Thoughts

School fundraising is difficult, but it doesn't have to be impossible. Hopefully these tips will help you get the most money you've ever raised this school year!

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