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Spring, March Madness, and a Pot of Gold: Fundraising Posts from March

Posted by Ashley Shaw on 3/28/17 5:00 AM


This month, I've been reading a lot of great posts from around the globe, all on the theme of improving your fundraising. So, of course, I wanted to share some of my favorites with all of you.

In March, my round-up has focused on an eclectic array of themes (can I even say it was focused at all then?):

  • Fresh inspirations to spruce up your events.
  • Cool themes that fit the spring feeling.
  • Tips on acquiring or retaining big donors.
  • Ideas on building up the excitement around your fundraiser.

Spring Is a Fresh Start...Your Fundraising Might Need Some Refreshing Too


Spring is all about getting a new start: which is what I wrote about in the Spring Cleaning for Fundraising post earlier this month. But I'm not the only one writing about ways for you to freshen up your fundraising this year.

Fresh Ideas and Inspirations


These posts will walk you through new and inventive ways to host a charity event, get your board working for you, get your inspiration back, and thank your donors.

Fundraising Themes


If you've got a fundraiser coming up, but still aren't quite there with your theme, don't worry! These posts are filled with great new theme ideas for you to try.

Finding Your Pot of Gold: Or at Least Some Big Donors


March isn't just about spring - it's also about St. Patty's Day. And how else to find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow than by cultivating and acquiring a few major gift donors?

These articles talk about what you can do to do just that.

A Little Bit of March Madness: Let People Fundraise for You


I did a March Madness and Fundraising post earlier this month in order to welcome back the big basketball tournament. But that isn't what these posts are about.

Why is #MarchMadness such a big thing - and why do you see complete non-basketball fans fill out their brackets with such a purpose?

Because the NCAA did something super smart:

They got people to do the "work" for them by handing out brackets and making it fun.

You can do the same thing by opening yourself up to peer-to-peer and crowdfunding fundraising opportunities.

These posts walk you through how to do it.

Marching on Towards April: A Wrap-Up

Let's end on a super cheesy joke (because those are my favorites):

Can February March?



No. But April May.

So let's March into April the right way:

With some amazing plans for fundraising.

Read anything good on fundraising this month?

Let me know in the comments or on social media.

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