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Summer in the City: What Happened at GiveSmart in July?

Posted by Ashley Shaw on 8/3/17 11:00 AM


Here at the GiveSmart headquarters, we had a lot of fun in July! From contests to cook-outs from baseball to the Boy Scouts, let's take a look at just some of the team-building things we got to do last month:

The GiveSmart Cook-Out and BBQ Sauce Contest

First of all, early last month, we celebrated summer in the office with a cook-out (well, we did it in the office, so I suppose it was technically a "cook-in").




No matter what you call it, though, it was good!

We had tons of great food and a whole lot of fun.

And as part of the cook-out/in, we also had a barbecue sauce making competition. And congratulations to....




Me! I am the sauce making champion. (Though since I only beat 2nd place out by 5 points and he didn't know you could vote for yourself - on our 30 point scale - it could be argued that it wasn't quite a fair victory. I'm taking it anyway, though!)

GiveSmart at the Atlanta Braves

The week after our cook-someplace, we closed up the office at lunch and walked across the street to SunTrust Park, where we watched the Braves get beaten pretty badly by the Chicago Cubs. (We've got a lot of Cubs fans on the GiveSmart team, so this wasn't a bad thing to a lot of the people here.)



No matter who we were rooting for, though, I think everyone was in agreement that we had a whole lot of fun.



GiveSmart and the Boy Scouts

From the pictures above, you can see that all of us were rocking our Marin shirts - these are the shirts we sold in our Boy Scouts fundraiser, which we held in memory of Joel Marin, our co-worker who died last month.

(And even those who couldn't make it to the game got into the spirit of the shirts.)




After the game, we walked over to the local Boy Scout office and gave them the check with all the money we raised - all in Joel's name.




We know how important the Boy Scouts was to Joel, and we hope that they can do a lot with the money we raised.

Daddies and Diapers Shower

Finally, near the end of the month, we held a Daddies and Diapers Shower in the office.

Let's be clear: there are only about 20 employees who work in the Atlanta office. Of those 20, three of the guys all have pregnant wives who are due within the next month.

That's a crazy high percentage, right? That's 15% of the office and 37.5% of the men in the office!

Anyway, when 15% of your office is imminently expecting a baby, you try not to worry about what you'll do when everyone goes on paternity leave at once, and you throw them an amazing shower instead (HR guru Nyree did that part. I'm not trying to take credit.)



We're Still Hiring!

So the final piece of news that I'd like to go over for this post relates to jobs:

Has everything I've said made you want to join the GiveSmart bandwagon?

Great! We've got open positions for you.

Sr. Account Executive

Are you super salesy? And by that, I mean do you have a lot of sales experience and think you can help make our sales team even better than they already are?

If so, then apply to our Sr. Account Executive opening!

Customer Success Manager

If sales isn't right for you, then maybe you'd like to be a part of our customer success team. I happen to know that they get to listen to techno dance music over there every time they have a win - so if you like to have a 30-second techno dance party every now and then, then this might be right for you.

The Wrap-Up

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