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The 8 Goals of Fundraising Video

Posted by Ashley Shaw on 2/15/18 12:00 PM




Last year, I wrote a post about setting yearly fundraising goals, and people seemed to really enjoy it. So now, I'm opening it up to everyone, even those who are understandably too busy to sit down and read a 1200+ word blog post, by putting it in an easy, pretty video.

So now, you can plug in your headphones and get some ideas on what goals to set (and how to set them) all while keeping up with your current work. Successful multi-tasking? That's #LifeGoals right there!

And to download the accompanying white paper mentioned in the video, Creating SMART Fundraising Goals, just click the button below!

Download the Free SMART Goals of Fundraising Whitepaper!

The Video

And now for the main event...the 8 Goals of Fundraising Video! (Enjoy!)

The Wrap-Up

These are just starters. There are many types of goals that you can create that will help you stay on track with your fundraising and reach places that you've never reached before.

And remember, once you've set your goals, you want to keep up with them through tracking the right metrics. We've got you covered on what fundraising metrics to track.

How about you? What types of goals do you set for your fundraising? And how do you make sure they are SMART? (Or at least measurable.)

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