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What Went on in December at GiveSmart


GiveSmart in 2017: A Look Back at the Year

Every month, we take a look back on what we have done over the past 30ish days. However, now that it's the end of the year, we thought it would be

GiveSmart in November: A Month of Thankfulness

It is time, once again, to step back and take a look at what GiveSmart has been up to in the past month. It was a good month too. And how could it

The Spooky Things That Happened at GiveSmart in October

It was October, which means it was Halloween season, and we were super busy here at GiveSmart. What were we doing? You'll find out if you read

GiveSmart in September: A Look at What We've Been Doing

It's that time again: time to see what we here at GiveSmart Headquarters has been up to since the last time we gave you an update. It's been

Summer in the City: What Happened at GiveSmart in July?

Here at the GiveSmart headquarters, we had a lot of fun in July! From contests to cook-outs from baseball to the Boy Scouts, let's take a look at

Support the Boy Scouts in Joel's Name

Earlier this week, we had a post where we had to announce the passing of Joel Marin. Now, we want to do something in his honor.

Joel had a

In Loving Memory of Joel Marín: 1984-2017...

This is the saddest post that has ever been published on this blog, and it is hopefully the saddest that we will ever have to post: we are writing

What's Going On: The World of GiveSmart in May

It is that time again: time to look back on what happened at GiveSmart last month. As always, GiveSmart employees spend their time balancing work

GiveSmart and April: What a Busy Month!

It is that time again: the time for a monthly report of everything going on at GiveSmart! We've done a lot this month, and we can't wait to share

What Happened in the GiveSmart Office in March

Another month has passed since my first ever monthly "state of the GiveSmart union." And a lot has happened in this time. Want to know more? Then

GiveSmart's New Office...and Other GiveSmart News

On Tuesday, Trump did an unofficial State of the Union (unofficial since he’s new and, thus, can’t “authoritatively describe the state of the