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5 Best Practices for Hosting an Online Auction [Infographic]

By Ashley Shaw March 23, 2017

Are you having an online auction anytime soon? Then you may want to make sure that you are..

March Madness: What Basketball Teaches About Fundraising Technology

By Ashley Shaw March 16, 2017

It’s March. And that means it is March Madness. And as we kick off the greatest time of the NCAA..

Host the Oscars of Charity Events: Get Stars to Your Fundraiser

By Ashley Shaw February 23, 2017

In case you haven’t seen advertisements everywhere for the last who knows how long, the Oscars..

15 Animal-Themed Fundraising Ideas

By Ashley Shaw February 21, 2017

If you are planning a fundraiser for your animal shelter, then you may be trying to come up with..

A Curated List of 2017 Resolutions for Fundraising and More

By Ashley Shaw January 31, 2017

I am constantly reading about the nonprofit industry - it’s kind of my job. And so, every month,..

Online Auctions: Are They Really Worth Your Time?

By Ashley Shaw January 26, 2017

There was an episode of Will and Grace about online auctions. In case you don’t remember it,..

Silent Auction Ideas Part 2: Tips on Running a Silent Auction

By Ashley Shaw January 24, 2017

Last Thursday, I brainstormed some silent auction ideas to come up with 150 different items you..

Silent Auction Ideas Part 1: 150 Items You Could Have

By Ashley Shaw January 19, 2017

A lot of our customers are planning amazing auctions, and they want some good silent auction..

How to Create and Use Donor Personas

By Ashley Shaw January 17, 2017

In marketing, you are always being reminded to create a buyer persona to figure out who your..

8 Goals You Should Be Setting Before Your Charity Event

By Ashley Shaw January 12, 2017

Welcome to 2017! (I know I say that as if I have been here for a while waiting for you, but..

Know Your Donors: Studies Say Who Donates the Most [Infographic]

By Ashley Shaw January 10, 2017

So, you plan this big charity event, and you plan everything down to the last detail.

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