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What Happened in the GiveSmart Office in March

Posted by Ashley Shaw on 4/4/17 11:32 AM


Another month has passed since my first ever monthly "state of the GiveSmart union." And a lot has happened in this time. Want to know more? Then keep reading!

Work Hard at GiveSmart...

The Numbers

In March, GiveSmart got to help at over 300 events and those events raised over $15,000,000 for some great causes across the country. (Sorry I can't be more specific - but, you know, competition and all. But I do list more details in our monthly newsletter. Hint, hint, wink, wink.

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But competitors, we know who you are so if you want the info, you'd better think of clever fake names before you sign up.)

The Contest

We also finished our big pictures contest! I'm making sure all the votes were tallied so that I can announce the winner on Friday, April 7, as promised.

The New

Of course, we are always looking at feedback from our users to see how we can improve and make a better experience for them (and for you too, hopefully.) If you ever have questions or suggestions, just let us know.

To prove my point, this month, we released a few new features that I'd like to highlight:

Item Packaging!!!

Finally, you'll get a chance to put two items together in your auction because you know they'll do better that way sometimes.

I'm working hard to get some informational sheets about this out, but in the meantime, if you want to know more, contact your current representative, or reach out to us to get all of your questions answered.

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...To Play Hard at GiveSmart

But just like I said last month, life at GiveSmart isn't all about the numbers. We work hard, but we also play hard. That's because we are doing everything we can to promote the team/family-like vibe we've got going here.

New, New Office Features

Last month, you got to see our new office. But we weren't quite finished with it. Now, it's even better (and we still aren't done, so there's more to look forward to.)

This month, we fully stocked our "company property" fridge and snack pantry.






We also got a ping-pong table (but we have yet to get balls or paddles so TBD who wins the first match.) GiveSmart_ping-pong.jpg

A Little Friendly Team Competition: Chess

We also started, but have yet to finish, a chess match. It's customer service and tech support versus sales, finance, marketing, HR, and the rest of the solo departments (surprisingly, the team numbers work out this way.) 


We rotate turns at the board, and if it's your turn to go and you aren't there, we all sit back and wait - which is why this is a game that may never end. But if it ever does - winner gets a pizza party!

And I need my team to win because I hate losing, and I really, really lost the next competition...

A Little Friendly Solo Competition: March Madness

Going along with our team competition, this month we also had a fun person versus everyone else competition. We all did a March Madness bracket - which meant even the remote workers got to participate in the fun. 


 All my teams got knocked out after the second round, and I'm still waiting on the official announcement from the NCAA telling me that there was some serious violations going on and that really I had a perfect bracket retroactively. 



But until I get that message, I have to say congrats to Amy Henninger - who is apparently as good at picking winning basketball teams as she is at making sales. As the winner, she won't see this post today because she is off somewhere enjoying the vacation day she just won.

An Official Look at SunTrust Park

Finally, one thing that came out of March was a free tour of the new Braves stadium, SunTrust Park.

As a nice, "thanks for being our neighbors," the Braves gave two representatives from each of the offices around here an inside look at their new home.

It was really nice (both the park and the gesture).

Take a look at the pictures if you want a glimpse of the exclusive first looks at the park:





Some Final Thoughts

So there you have it: another month, another great experience at GiveSmart.

Have questions or comments about us? Let me know in the comments or on social media.

And enjoy the rest of your day! We will here at headquarters.

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