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What Went on in December at GiveSmart

Posted by Ashley Shaw on 1/4/18 11:00 AM




So, last week, I did a year-long wrap-up on all the big things that happened in GiveSmart in 2017, so maybe I could have skipped my regular monthly wrap-up. However, that seemed mean to December, which deserves to get its very own summary just like all the other months. Thus, I present this...

The Numbers

Like usual, I can't tell you specifics because, well, you know, competitors and all. However, I can say that organizations that used us last month raised more than $2 million at their combined events. (And even though this is just the monthly wrap up, I still want to point out that GiveSmart using organizations raised over a combined $120 million in 2017! So that is a lot of great things happening at a lot of great causes throughout the country. We couldn't be more proud!)

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Community Brands

Also in December, we made an official announcement about GiveSmart becoming part of the Community Brands family. Community Brands has a large portfolio of nonprofit-helping companies, so letting us join them is a huge deal for us and great news for all of the organizations we help. Why?

Resources! GiveSmart is going to have the same great technology and customer service it has always had, but now it will do it all with the support of a bigger company. So we will have more helpful sources to help you with. Wins all around for everyone!

Career Opportunities

In December, we got a new Customer Service Manager in Sara Rush. Sara, who is based in Arizona, has worked with us for a while as an Event Specialist, so she really knows the GiveSmart product, and that is why we are so sure that she is going to be a great addition to our full-time team. Welcome, Sara!

Of course, we still have job openings available. So if you or someone you know is looking for a new role, check these out:

The Fun Times Had By All

Finally, along with the work, we also had a lot of fun in December.

We wore our ugly sweaters:


 We had a week long Secret Santa competition. Here is what I got:


And we had a great holiday party across the street at the Battery (which is the area outside of the new Braves' stadium, SunTrust Park):


 So now that you've seen all this, you might want to go back up and check out those job openings, right?

Some Final Words

So that was our December. How was yours?

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