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Where Are Donors Donating? [Infographic]

Posted by Ashley Shaw on 2/7/17 11:00 AM


Americans donate BILLIONS of dollars every year. But who are these amazing donors likely to give that money to?

This infographic takes a look at...

  • What types of organizations get the most donations;
  • What states get the most donations; and 
  • Why people even give in the first place - as explained by both experts and science.


Where People Give

While some people may just hand out money to anybody who asks, many donors are more discerning. They pick charities they want to donate to in a more specific way. So when they are donating the big bucks - after a careful consideration process - where does all there information lead them?

Religious groups get more money than any other type of charity, followed closely by education organizations. Utah is considered the most charitable according to Charitable Giving's calculations.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Look at the infographic for more info. 

Why People Give

Why donors give can explain a lot about where donors give. That is why this inforgraphic not only looks at the common places that donors give, but also examines the motives behind the average giver - both from experts' opinions and from science-based reasoning.

Where Do Donors Donate? - The Infographic

For a PDF version (with actual, clickable links), just go to Where Do People Donate Money? But for now, here is an image only version for you to glance at:  



Final Takeaways

Hopefully this infographic gives you just a little more insight into the minds of donors. And if you want even more insights, subscribe to our monthly newsletter!

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