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Why You Need a Fundraising Video [Infographic]

Posted by Ashley Shaw on 5/18/17 7:17 PM

Does your organization have a great online video that is really selling your cause and the bajillion reasons people should be donating to you? If not, then you should maybe start drafting one.

Why You Need a Fundraising Video

Why You Need a Fundraising Video.jpg

"Why?" you ask. (Or hopefully don't because you know the answer already.) Well, let me tell you.

People like videos. It's just a statistical fact (in just a second I'll offer you a whole lot of statistics that back this bold statement up). But let's be a little more emotion-based for just a moment - since we know that stories are more memorable than facts:

Think about yourself for a little bit. When you watch a movie or a TV show, what happens?

(I'm hoping you say you feel something here or else this whole thing has been a pointless exercise.)

Watching stories - even when those stories are not real - causes you to get emotional. I don't mean you cry every time you pick up the remote. But in general, you feel something:

  • Anger
  • Disgust
  • Happy
  • Sad
  • Amused

Just name an emotion, and it can go on this list.

But now let's step up this anecdote: imagine those stories that make you feel things were real stories happening to real people or animals or the earth or [fill in your cause.] Now, those emotions just became a little bit more meaningful.

And because I can't post a post about the importance of videos, without including a video, here is proof that even in the 70's they knew the importance of video...

"Video Killed the Radio Star," by The Buggles (and also the first ever music video on MTV):  


And that is why video is so powerful. But I promised you some statistics to back up my rambling, so let's get to them.

Potential Donors and Your Fundraising Videos

Late last year, Google, partnering with Millward Brown Digital, conducted a survey composed of people who had researched at least one nonprofit in the prior twelve months.

The point of the study was to see just how the digital landscape we live in now has affected the nonprofit industry. The survey looks at more than just the importance of video, but I found the video statistics quite compelling!

In just a second, you can see all these stats in a dandy little infographic I put together for you, but let me just fill you in on the highlights for just a second:

  • 37% of the responders said that they watch videos when researching a nonprofit.
  • 64% said they use video sharing sites (think YouTube) when conducting research.
  • 80% said that they found online video ads "extremely useful" when researching nonprofits.
  • 39% said that they go and research a nonprofit within 24 hours of watching an online video.
  • 75% said that online videos helped them understand a nonprofit's impact. (Which is important because...)
  • ...81% said that impact was the most important factor they had when deciding whether or not to give a donation.

And here is the big, shocking, important, perhaps even organization-changing stat for you:

57% said that they had made a donation after watching a video ad online!!!

Let's Say the Same Thing Again, But Prettier [Infographic]

To help you remember these numbers (or pass it on to someone on your team who needs to be convinced that you have to step up your fundraising video game), I put together a detailed infographic for you.

It's got a lot of info in it, from these statistics (plus some others) to tips on how to create an awesome video (or get someone else to do it for you) to tons of resources to help you get started.

You can look at the pretty JPEG version here, but for the real-deal, with working links and everything, you might want to download it first.

Get the Infographic

(And to download our infographics, you don't need to fill out a form or anything - though if you really like feeling out forms, you can fill out this one to get our FREE Charity Event Planning Guide!)





All Those Great Resources

In the full version of the infographic, there is a whole section listing out my sources, and some good resources to help you out in the video creation process.

But if you'd like the links without having to remember where you saved the PDF, then you can just go to any of them from here.

Stats and Facts

  1. Mission 501(c)(3): Driving Donations, Digitally
  2. 31 Video Marketing Statistics to Inform Your 2017 Strategy [Infographic]
  3. 36 Fascinating YouTube Statistics for 2016
  4. Top 15 Video Most Popular Video Websites
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Tools and Applications

  1. YouTube for Nonprofits
  2. The Best HD Camcorders of 2017
  3. The 6 Easiest Video-Editing Tools for Small Business Marketers
  4. 11 Online Video Creation Tools for Small Business Use
  5. The Best Video Editing Software of 2017

Freelance Job Boards

  1. Upwork
  2. RedditForHire
  4. Media Bistro
  5. ProductionHUB

Video Creation Tips

  1. How to Set Up a YouTube Channel
  2. What You Need to Know Before You Film Your Own Online Video Ads
  3. How to Make Your Own Online Videos (In 30 Minutes or Less)
  4. 5 Tips for Creating a Cause Marketing Video That Stands Out This Season
  5. How To Make A Great Marketing Video For Your Company In Minutes

Good Online Video Examples from Nonprofits

  1. ONE
  2. Save the Children
  3. Alex's Lemonade Stand
  4. Marine Stewardship Council
  5. Greenpeace USA

And Now, the Usual Wrap-Up

What do you think?

Have you created any successful fundraising videos that you'd like to share with us? Have tips or advice that I didn't cover? Just really hate everything I said?

No matter what your thoughts, let me know in the comments or on social media!

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