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Why You Need a Fundraising Video: Part 2 (with a Video)

Posted by Ashley Shaw on 5/25/17 11:00 AM


Last week, I posted this infographic we had created on why video is so important for you and your organization when it comes to fundraising. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized - to really drive the point - I should have included a video!

So this week, that is what I have done.

This Video Versus That Infographic

I created a short - but hopefully sweet - video that discusses the specific stats we go over in the infographic. That way, if you prefer to hear than to read when it comes to remembering, you're covered here!

The infographic still has more information. The video only covers the stats, but the infographic goes more into tips on creating your video. So if you haven't yet, think about downloading it.

Get the Infographic

But if you just want something quick to show a "decider" on your team why you should be investing more in your videos, then hopefully this helps!

This Video Versus Your Fundraising Video

This video is just supposed to be informative - I'm not, after all, trying to get you to donate to my organization or anything. So there are certain elements I can get away with that you probably don't want to use in your fundraising videos.

For example, if you really want to show your impact (which you do - see the video or the infographic to learn why), then you might do better with an actual video, not a cartoon - [Spoiler Alert: this is an animated video.]

But there are also some things you want to keep the same. For example, notice that, though the video is on our website too, it is still hosted on our YouTube channel - for all the reasons listed here and in the infographic.

Get to the Video Already!

Alright, alright. Sorry for my long winded explanations. Here is the moment you may have been waiting for since you opened this post...(because why else would you chose to open a post clearly saying it's a video if not to watch a video!) 

And As Always, the Usual Wrap-Up

See? Creating a video doesn't have to be hard - and I still stick by this statement even if you point out that, as I said earlier, your actual fundraising video is going to be a lot different.

Yes. That one will be more complex. It will - hopefully - take longer to make. It will take a bigger budget. I admit, it will be harder to create than this one.


...Isn't that extra effort worth it based off of everything you've learned here?

It isn't so hard that you should decide not to do it. Right?

So if you don't have a fundraising video now, then you should start creating one. And if you already have one, you should make sure it is good. Investing some time and money into creating a great fundraising video can help you do a lot once you start raising more than ever!

Have any comments for me? As always, let me know in social media or in the comments!

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